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Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 21-26

Published February 28, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


21. Let’s go by Magical Express! Goo Goo Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
22. A Date in Kyoto? Luuma Goldo [DDL] [SCRIPT]
23. Forbidden Magic Roeji Maneiji Magi Mamarji [DDL] [SCRIPT]
24. “As your teacher…” Gol Gol Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
25. Stolen Courage! Jiruma Magi Magiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
26. Believe! Jiruma Jii Magica [DDL] [SCRIPT]

Torrent for all six episodes: [TORRENT]

For those of you who can’t wait until this summer to see the Ninnin vs. ToQ movie, you can probably just watch Stage 22 and call it good.

No ETA on 27-35 yet, but the current approximation is “Before Easter Weekend” because I’m staffing a convention booth that weekend. A long and probably incomprehensible (because I did not major in linguistics) bunch of words about the magic in the show is behind the cut, if anyone is interested. Started because of the UuzaPhones, got into some romanization stuff, and includes other shit like that.

Also, on the subject of Mirror Worlds: I spent the longest time going “What the hell is “Marudeyouna” a pun on, it has to be something, what am I missing” until someone pointed out that it’s a combination of “maru de” (“just like ____”) and “youna” (“similar to ____”). It was very much a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees because of how involved all the other shitty puns in the show are. I toyed with “Parallel Worlds” but it seemed a little too close a term to the Parallel Braneworlds in Go-On, despite being a different concept. Mirror Worlds encompasses the concept fairly well- weird non-parallel worlds full of crazy shit that can only be accessed by magic.

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Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 13-20

Published February 7, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


13. “If I were Mom…” Jinga Majuna [DDL] [SCRIPT]
14. Burning Punch! Jii Jii Jijiru [DDL] [SCRIPT]
15. Brother of the Bride Jiruma Magi Majuna [DDL] [SCRIPT]
16. The Gate Key Uzaara Ugaro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
17. “I require no kindness” Uuza Douza Uru Ugaro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
18. “Our powers combined” Maagi Jiruma Jii Jinga [DDL] [SCRIPT]
19. The Magic Lamp Meeza Zazare [DDL] [SCRIPT]
20. “Kiss me, ribbit!” Gool Gol Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIP]

Batch for all 8 episodes [TORRENT]

Stages 21-26 should hit the ground running compared to these, they just need some final checks etc before they’re ready for human consumption. Unfortunately when we started this project we didn’t realize that the channel where we get our scripts doesn’t broadcast the series movies until after the show has finished running. So we’ll be getting Infershia’s Bride to you guys a little later than originally planned, sorry about the mix-up.

Some very uninteresting notes about rage-inducing puns under the cut:

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