Song translations

Crossed-out titles means that the song’s lyrics have yet to be translated. Check back from time to time for updates!


Series songs Opening Theme [Magical Family Magiranger]
Ending Theme [A Spell is Born! ~ Magical Force]
The Five Wizards
Fantastic Magi Action!
MagiDjinn Fusion! MagiKing!
Heaven’s Peace
Travelion GO!
Song for Magitopia
Make Legend! Magiranger!
Shining Magic MagiShine
Character Songs
Bloody Friday Nightmare
The Sorcerer-Knight, Wolzard
Sing! Swing!! Smoky!!
Sunlight ~ The Power of The Rising Sun ~
Courage is a Phoenix
Who You’ll Be Tomorrow
Go! Yellow Thunder!
The Wind of Love
Mr. Green ~ On The Horizon ~

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