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Magiranger Kodansha Special

Published March 25, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


In this very special half-episode, a goddess that looks like Miyuki Ozu offers Kai and Hikaru two super-powered magical items to choose between, there’s a small clip show, and Kai uses the power of imagination to turn himself into his Original Character Do Not Steal.

Definitely a cute little short, if you’ve never seen it before. Give it a watch if you have a mind to.

Timed to Bunny Hat’s raw, which can be found [HERE]. The folder also includes the Go-On, Gokai, and Shinken specials.



Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 27-35

Published March 25, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


27. “Our bonds” Magiine Magiine [DDL] [SCRIPT]
28. “Eternally…” Jiruma Magi Magi Magiine [DDL] [SCRIPT]
29. Saying “Huh?” Again and Again Jii Magi Magiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
30. Legendary Power Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
31. The Awe-Inspiring MagiDjinn Maagi Jiruma Gol Jingajin [DDL] [SCRIPT]
32. “Dad’s words” Maagi Jiruma Gol Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
33. “To Infershia!” Maagi Gol Magica [DDL] [SCRIPT]
34. The Bond of Courage Gool Gol Goldo [DDL] [SCRIPT]
35. Valley of the Gods Magi Magi Jijiru [DDL] [SCRIPT]

Torrent for Stages 27-35 [TORRENT]

Some wordswordswords about Infershia’s Gods are under the cut (a guide to who’s who and some background information on the lore behind each individual God) if you’re at all interested. Next batch will be 36-49, hopefully followed by the movies, and then a full-series batch someday when we all have time.

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