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Magical Family Magiranger The Movie: Infershia’s Bride

Published June 22, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


In this very special summer movie an angry zombie made of knives and ghosts kidnaps Kai’s girlfriend, some unfortunate fashion choices are made, Wolzard shows up just to say his catchphrase and introduce himself to someone who already knows who he is, and you get introduced to The Great Holy Saint Magiel, who is absolutely not the Witch Bandora or Queen Hedrian.

The movie is supposed to fit into the show at about Stage 26, so we recommend giving it a watch before you move on to the final batch of episodes. But you’re a free spirit, you don’t have to listen to us.

Script is timed to Bunny Hat’s raw, just like everything else we’ve done.



Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 36-49

Published June 12, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


36. Executing Divine Punishment Maagi Gol Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
37. Sniping Gol Maagi [DDL] [SCRIPT]
38. The Promise With Makito Goo Magiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
39. Flip-Flopped Siblings Majuna Jiruma [DDL] [SCRIPT]
40. Garden of the Nagini Magiine Luludo [DDL] [SCRIPT]
41. My Teacher’s Teacher Gool Gol Majulu [DDL] [SCRIPT]
42. Showdown! The Two Brutal Gods! Gool Luuma Gol Gonga [DDL] [SCRIPT]
43. The Garden of Thorns! Magi Magi Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
44. Mom’s Scent Jiruma Jiruma Gonga [DDL] [SCRIPT]
45. They Are Friends Jii Gol Majuna [DDL] [SCRIPT]
46. Onwards to the Lake Gool Gol Gol Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
47. The Spell I Cast on You Luludo Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
48. The Decisive Battle Magi Majulu Gogol Jingajin [DDL] [SCRIPT]
49. Returning to Legend Maagi Magi Magend [DDL] [SCRIPT]


That’s it. That’s all of it. We’re done here folks. Delays brought to you by all ten seasons of Criminal Minds and an unfortunate downward spiral into FF7 nostalgia-induced insanity. When this post was first written E3 hadn’t even happened yet, and now that the nostalgia is justified it’s managed to get even worse.

A few notes under the cut.

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