Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 36-49

Published June 12, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


36. Executing Divine Punishment Maagi Gol Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
37. Sniping Gol Maagi [DDL] [SCRIPT]
38. The Promise With Makito Goo Magiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
39. Flip-Flopped Siblings Majuna Jiruma [DDL] [SCRIPT]
40. Garden of the Nagini Magiine Luludo [DDL] [SCRIPT]
41. My Teacher’s Teacher Gool Gol Majulu [DDL] [SCRIPT]
42. Showdown! The Two Brutal Gods! Gool Luuma Gol Gonga [DDL] [SCRIPT]
43. The Garden of Thorns! Magi Magi Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
44. Mom’s Scent Jiruma Jiruma Gonga [DDL] [SCRIPT]
45. They Are Friends Jii Gol Majuna [DDL] [SCRIPT]
46. Onwards to the Lake Gool Gol Gol Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
47. The Spell I Cast on You Luludo Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
48. The Decisive Battle Magi Majulu Gogol Jingajin [DDL] [SCRIPT]
49. Returning to Legend Maagi Magi Magend [DDL] [SCRIPT]


That’s it. That’s all of it. We’re done here folks. Delays brought to you by all ten seasons of Criminal Minds and an unfortunate downward spiral into FF7 nostalgia-induced insanity. When this post was first written E3 hadn’t even happened yet, and now that the nostalgia is justified it’s managed to get even worse.

A few notes under the cut.

Infershia’s Bride will be up in a minute, and to be honest it could have been up when it was actually supposed to slot into the show (Stage 26-ish) but we were clinging to the unfortunately empty hope that the Toei channel would air it. As of right now, it looks like they have no plans to do that any time soon. It wouldn’t do us any good even if they did, since no closed captions exist for the film. We’ve checked.

Jury’s still out on Magi vs. Deka, but if we end up doing it it’ll mesh to the best of our ability with O-T’s as-of-yet-unreleased Deka since we have access to their TL bible for the show. They also have access to our TL bible for Magi, so no matter who does it it’ll probably end up looking/sounding pretty similar.

Still figuring out logistics for a full batch, since we want to V2 some episodes beforehand and update some of the early typesetting to match the back half of the show. We’ll probably axe the individual batches and their DDLs after the full batch goes up, since Mega is starting to enforce their storage limits. The V2s won’t be a full overhaul, so you can keep those batch releases if you like, but there will be some polishing. Yes, the polishing will probably involve the OP typesetting. No, we don’t know what we were thinking either.

Thanks for sticking around, even if you didn’t like us very much. This has been an experience.


14 comments on “Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 36-49

  • Thanks so much for this. I’ve never watched Magiranger and I am so glad to have this quality of a release to enjoy from. Looking forward to whatever you may pursue next. Thank you again.


  • Yes !!! Thank you ! Magiranger is my favorite Sentai and i’m glad someone subbed it… Yeah, i know TVN did it XD

    Do you have any other Sentai you would like to sub ?


    • I watched the TVN subs when they first came out. One of my all time favorite sentai shows. I am glad that someone else subbed, since even though I like TVN’s subs in general(yeah, guess there’s something wrong with me), I guess people like chris won’t watch their subs without being a asshat. But anyway, TVN does not own the shows, and if you enjoyed magiranger as much as I did, gratz on finishing your own subs of it. I don’t care personally since I’m fine with the TVN subs, but I know it’s a lot of work and a labor of love for the subbers.


  • Hi, when GUIS finished Kakuranger and Imagination Station finished Abaranger, both groups put in their batch torrents a plain text file with all their various episode notes. Would/could you please consider doing something similar with all of your episode notes? Thanks again for all your hard work!


  • I just discovered this and I really want to thank you guys for it. Any ETA on the V2s?

    Not pretending to rush you, you’ve done enough already and I appreciate it, just wondering if I should wait or download the episodes now.


  • Thanks a lot for doing Magiranger. I saw a cool tumblr user liveblog Magiranger using your subs and I noticed how good they were so I downloaded them.


  • Thank you so much for Magiranger. I never thought I’d like it, but since I found your site I figured why not, and it is now one of my favorites. I really appreciate all the hard work that your group put into this project and please know that you’re doing an amazing thing, bringing Sentai to english speaking people. This is a special gift~!!!


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