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We’re Not Dead, We Swear

Published March 6, 2018 by tinyhenshinsubs

It’s come to my attention that despite there being a batch torrent with all of the episodes present and accounted for, there are people who still prefer DDL links in this the year of our lord 2018. I can’t blame them, since reliable seeders can be hard to come by these days. So, that being said, I’ve reuploaded the episodes and scripts that somehow got nuked by random DMCA complaints, and they can now be accessed via Mega DDL.

[Episode Batch]

[Script Batch]

Still no exact ETA on V2s, but now that a personal friend of mine has told me that they’ve never watched the show, I’m filled with new resolve to finally get around to finishing them. “idk summer maybe” is about as close as I’m willing to get to a promise.

As always, thank you all for watching and putting up with us.

EDIT: as someone on twitter helpfully pointed out, I’m a dumbass and I accidentally uploaded the raws instead of the final muxed files to the episode batch folder. So it’s gonna be a hot minute before you can download those replacement episodes. I am gomen.

EDIT X2: The correct files have been uploaded to the batch, one of which I actually had to re-mux a fresh copy of because it was lost in The Great HD Crash. Download and enjoy!


Nyaa is dead, long live Nyaa

Published May 6, 2017 by tinyhenshinsubs

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our longtime comrade-in-arms, Nyaa. With him he took all our torrents, and the torrents of many others. As such, please consider all torrent links on this blog dated before today, 5/6/2017, to be dead. Goodnight sweet prince, may a flight of angels sing you to your sleep.

The new torrent batch of all of Magical Family Magiranger (including the movie and the Kodansha special) (no V2s yet, sorry fam) can be accessed from [here]. Please do us a solid and seed it, so that others may be subjected to our subs.

V2s are a long work in progress. They’ll get done someday. No, we haven’t been working on anything else. No, we are not magically alive again.

RE: the missing DDL links for various (completely random) episodes, someone went through and DMCA’d a bunch of the files and scripts completely at random. Unfortunately, a few of them are files and scripts that were lost without backups (we know, it was dumb) during a hard OS reinstall shortly after being uploaded. The loss went unnoticed until the DMCA takedowns. Those episodes are available in the new batch torrent, so if you’re able to, please seed!

RIP in Pizza.

Magical Family Magiranger, Stages 21-26

Published February 28, 2015 by tinyhenshinsubs


21. Let’s go by Magical Express! Goo Goo Goldiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
22. A Date in Kyoto? Luuma Goldo [DDL] [SCRIPT]
23. Forbidden Magic Roeji Maneiji Magi Mamarji [DDL] [SCRIPT]
24. “As your teacher…” Gol Gol Gojika [DDL] [SCRIPT]
25. Stolen Courage! Jiruma Magi Magiiro [DDL] [SCRIPT]
26. Believe! Jiruma Jii Magica [DDL] [SCRIPT]

Torrent for all six episodes: [TORRENT]

For those of you who can’t wait until this summer to see the Ninnin vs. ToQ movie, you can probably just watch Stage 22 and call it good.

No ETA on 27-35 yet, but the current approximation is “Before Easter Weekend” because I’m staffing a convention booth that weekend. A long and probably incomprehensible (because I did not major in linguistics) bunch of words about the magic in the show is behind the cut, if anyone is interested. Started because of the UuzaPhones, got into some romanization stuff, and includes other shit like that.

Also, on the subject of Mirror Worlds: I spent the longest time going “What the hell is “Marudeyouna” a pun on, it has to be something, what am I missing” until someone pointed out that it’s a combination of “maru de” (“just like ____”) and “youna” (“similar to ____”). It was very much a case of not being able to see the forest for the trees because of how involved all the other shitty puns in the show are. I toyed with “Parallel Worlds” but it seemed a little too close a term to the Parallel Braneworlds in Go-On, despite being a different concept. Mirror Worlds encompasses the concept fairly well- weird non-parallel worlds full of crazy shit that can only be accessed by magic.

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Magical Family Magiranger Stages 1-4 SCRIPTS

Published November 13, 2014 by tinyhenshinsubs

1. The Morning The Adventure Began. Maagi Magi Magiiro! [SCRIPT]
2. Have Courage! Maagi Magi Magica! [SCRIPT]
3. Riding The Magical Dragon! Maagi Jiruma Jinga! [SCRIPT]
4. The King of Djinn. Maagi Jiruma Magi Jinga! [SCRIPT]

Before you download these and run off with them, we’d like to make a note. They are made with Bunny Hat’s raws, and will require fonts that we’re aware not everyone has pre-installed on their computer.

We’ve collected those fonts in a helpful little .rar file, which can be found [HERE].

(You’ll note that Stage 3 is labeled “nomux version”, that just means it was edited to not include the font we used for the Maki Farms sign. We never use the font again in the series so it seemed silly to include it in the .rar)