Magical Family Magiranger Stages 1-4

Published November 13, 2014 by tinyhenshinsubs

1. The Morning The Adventure Began. Maagi Magi Magiiro! [DDL]
2. Have Courage! Maagi Magi Magica! [DDL]
3. Riding The Magical Dragon! Maagi Jiruma Jinga! [DDL]
4. The King of Djinn. Maagi Jiruma Magi Jinga! [DDL]

A few notes under the readmore

Updates will be posted to the tumblr blog first, and then this blog. Usually within minutes, but if nothing gets posted here after like a day feel free to prod us on the tumblr blog. We also have a twitter, tinyhenshinsubs.

At the moment our encoder is not capable of making/hosting episode torrents. If this excludes anyone from our viewership we apologise, we understand that unstable internet connections can make direct downloading a hassle. We will have batch torrents though, that much we’re certain of. Batches are still sleighted to be 1-20, 21-25+Infershia’s Bride, 26-35, 36-49.

Jury is still out on whether or not we’re going to do Magi vs. Deka. It’ll come down to whether or not we have the time. O-T has access to our dictionary of terms and names and our style bible, so their version should mesh reasonably well with the series (if not seamlessly).

There’s no swearing: I know, right? That was actually pretty tough for us to work around since most of the ‘accepted’ translations for impolite speech are just straight-up cursing. The worst we will do is ‘hell’ since it’s already in ‘Underground Empire of Hell’. This is a kids’ show, c’mon folks. Our subs will be shown to at least one actual child.

Ew! Fonts! Lucida Calligraphy is the only ‘other’ font we’re using in the subs themselves. It’s used on everything from official merch to the title card in the OP. Don’t worry, we won’t make people speak in crazy fonts with unreadable colors. It’s only used for the spells.

Gemstones? “Ruby Red”, “Citrine Yellow”, “Sapphire Blue” etc are all color descriptors. They just happen to coincide with the gemstone necklaces each of the siblings wears. “The Red Wizard, MagiRed” is unnecessarily repetitive. Fun fact, all the gemstones have ‘magical’ properties, eg. Citrine is known as “The Merchant’s Stone” and is supposed to bring luck in monetary ventures. Rose Quartz is “The Love Stone”, which I got a kick out of since that’s what we used for Houka.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us here, our twitter, or the tumblr blog.


11 comments on “Magical Family Magiranger Stages 1-4

  • Just to let you know, that link to your Twitter account actually goes to a list of WordPress mentions.

    Also, are your subs done from the Bunny Hat raws? If so, would it be possible to post separate links to the scripts like OT, Aesir and Imagination do, so we don’t have to re-download stuff?


    • We’re putting together a real quick batch of fonts to go with the scripts, we just wanted to get everything released to avoid backlog.

      Also, thank you for telling me about the @ symbol functioning like that on wordpress, I had no idea!


  • Looks very nice, I can’t speak for the translation quality but everything else seems to be very well done for this.

    Only thing I don’t like is that font for the spell names. It reminds me too much of a certain other “sub” group 😛


      • I’m liking these releases, I hope the project is smooth sailing for you guys. And I sometimes feel like I’m the only one that never complains about fonts. As long as it’s crisp and readable, I’m good. 🙂


  • Were these 4 episodes just a teaser and now we wait for the 1-20 batch as the next release or are you guys dead in the water like so many other new subbing teams.


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