Magical Family Magiranger Stages 1-4 SCRIPTS

Published November 13, 2014 by tinyhenshinsubs

1. The Morning The Adventure Began. Maagi Magi Magiiro! [SCRIPT]
2. Have Courage! Maagi Magi Magica! [SCRIPT]
3. Riding The Magical Dragon! Maagi Jiruma Jinga! [SCRIPT]
4. The King of Djinn. Maagi Jiruma Magi Jinga! [SCRIPT]

Before you download these and run off with them, we’d like to make a note. They are made with Bunny Hat’s raws, and will require fonts that we’re aware not everyone has pre-installed on their computer.

We’ve collected those fonts in a helpful little .rar file, which can be found [HERE].

(You’ll note that Stage 3 is labeled “nomux version”, that just means it was edited to not include the font we used for the Maki Farms sign. We never use the font again in the series so it seemed silly to include it in the .rar)


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